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Sports Performance Psychotherapy

Having participated in sports as early as eight years old and as a student-athletes at the Division-I level, I have a clear understanding of the demands and expectations placed on athletes. With the increased pressure to be recruited, drafted, or to just simply earn playing time, athletes are starting to experience mental health symptoms associated with depression and anxiety. During this 50-minute session, I will work with the athlete to explore and identify effective coping strategies to help them better manage these symptoms. With sports performance therapy, we will work towards the following:

  • Decreasing mental health symptoms

  •  Establishing SMART goals

  • Improving and redefining your athletic identity

  • Expanding stress management skills 

My philosophy around sports performance is that the quality of your thinking determines the quality of your performance. To further expand upon this, the body plays the game, but the mind determines the outcome. What kind of outcome do you desire?

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